Josh ( Sean Iwanski)


Sean Iwanski – is the best lender on planet earth! Where to begin… My wife and I started house hunting 14 months ago… right as the pandemic was sweeping the world. We were in a very precarious position… we want a nice house (around 800,000, in hawaii, with only 5% down…) we basically came to sean with the impossible. Oh yea,.. and we don’t qualify for USDA and we’re extremely picky about the home. 50 offers and one failed escrow later, we changed agents and lenders. Our agent was great but she had so many high level clients, we felt a little left behind. Our previous lender was great as well… but seemed to be getting a bit tired of our situation. Sean on the other hand, even if he was tired of our situation, he kept pushing forward. Sean got us an 825,000 home, with a 5% down payment, at 2.65%….. Sean is the man!! He is so on top of his game and so dang creative with the way he structures everything.I can’t recommend Sean and the whole smart money team enough. Sean, you’ve made us so happy and we would refer you to absolutely anyone! If Sean can do what he did for us… then I think he can certainly help you! – Josh