Daine B (Eric)


Great people, great service! I used Smart Money, Inc. two times so far this year and both experiences were very positive. Will Rodriguez, Huyen Bledsoe, and Eric Cordeiro helped me each time and I plan on coming back again in the future. The team was very responsive, they complimented each other very well. If one was unable to answer my question or provide other information right away, one of the three stepped in to get me squared away. In addition to the team being responsive, Will showed he does care about the customer’s (me) needs by telling me that I might benefit from a different strategy to meet my goal even though it meant that I would need to take my business to a local bank instead of working through his team. By doing that he showed integrity which is something I live by so he earned my trust. Huyen was also very helpful by teaching me the lingo and showed me examples of documents and forms to help me better provide the right information to keep my loan process on track. If you are looking to buy a property in Hawaii, I highly recommend Smart Money, Inc. and this team! – Daine